Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam
Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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In the plan of "trafficking in kings and selling kings", La Real Vi had taken care of the misfortune prince Tu So, and intentionally let Tu So have a sexual relationship with his concubine, Trieu Co. At that time, Trieu Co was pregnant with La Real Vi for more than months. Arrested in the act, Tu So deeply regretted having apologized and applied for punishment. Once again, La Real Vi blessed Tu So, forgiven Tu So and worked for Tu So and Trieu Co, so the wife should be husband. Thanks to the ingenuity and cleverness to "move the young to fill the sea" of La Real Vi, Tu So was later enthroned to the throne and of course the fetus in Trieu Co's stomach carrying the blood of La Real Vi when born would be Prince.

In the 50th year of King Chieu Vuong's reign, the state of Qin fell into disarray. Trieu Trieu murdered the Qin people Tu So was arrested. La Real Vi gave six hundred pounds of gold to the custodian for Tu So to escape to Qin.

In the 56th year, Qin Chieu Vuong died, Prince An Quoc Quan became king, established his wife Hoa Duong as Queen Queen (In the previous tribulation, Duong lady was old but had no children and had to return to her hometown in the country. Yen to stay in. La Real Vi presented a way for Tu So to study the language of Yen, dressed in Yen clothes, and then went to serve Hoa Duong, treating Hoa Duong as his mother, making Hoa Duong very touched! Vi also planned everything ahead of time and took a wooden board for Hoa Duong to manually write in the words: "Tu So is the death." After that, La Real Vi broke the piece of wood in half for Hoa Duong to keep half, La Real Vi kept the half.When Hoa Duong was established as Queen, the piece of wood was reassembled and affirmed that Tu So was Crown Prince. King Qin was crowned king for a year, then died, Prince Tu So replaced, ie Trang Tuong. Vuong, established Trieu Co as Queen La Real Vi as General Nation (Only under one man is the king).

Trang Tuong Vuong was king for three years then died, the prince named Doanh Chinh (son of La Real Vi and Trieu Co) ascended the throne of Tan Vuong, ie Tan Thuy Hoang, Trieu Co became Queen Queen. Trieu Co is a noble female paraplegic with unmatched beauty, otherwise talented, good at guitar, singing or dancing skillfully. At the same time, Zhao is also an extremely sexually strong woman. The "godly" nature sometimes tormented her and made it difficult for La Real Vi's plan to "trade the king". This bold plan La Real Vi has been ambitious since a teenager. When my father was the biggest trader of the era asked: What will you do in the future? La Real Vi did not hesitate to answer: I will trade a king!

At the time when Tan Vuong was young, Empress Dowager Trieu Co often secretly communicated with La Real Vi. When Qin Shihuang had grown up, La Real Vi was afraid of revealing that she would bring harassment, so he secretly sought someone with enough sexual power to satisfy Zhao Co in his stead. That way, we can keep Trieu Co's feet in the palace. "Creating a peaceful capital", which granted Trieu Co the grace of "sexual power", also gave birth to a heroic position (outstanding intelligence, multi-talented, amorous, and extraordinary ability in love relationship) that is La Real Vi! Worldly ideas that only La Real Vi are compatible with Trieu Co. But the Creator has not a bit of negligence is to give birth to a Lao Ai to be enough to play with life ...!

Lao Ai is a mortal and profane person, but has "great technique" and unparalleled strength in sexual relations. He is fortunate to have "his own thing" strangely long and solid. When cheered, Lao Ai made fun by using her penis to replace the wooden wheel shaft and then rhyme the wheel.

Unlike the immortal queens, which is in addition to being infatuated with bedding, Trieu Co also especially likes herself like a soft cat leaning on the hot canopy of men listening to stories. The stories in the pamphlet, the lesser-known legends, the “groping” in the crook or the stories about real real people in the court can make Trieu Co happy and emit laughter. like a silver bell ringing. Only La Real Vi - a man "miraculous" can satisfy Zhao Co on both sides. After hard physical labor, Zhao got wrapped up in La Real Vi again, demanding that he tell new stories. This time La Vi told Trieu Co about Lao Ai: “There is a young man named Lao Ai, his penis is especially large and can push the wheel away. He relied on this technique to become my amnesty ”. Trieu Co was suddenly shaken and questioned: Besides an old donkey, an old horse, that human thing cannot be so precious…! La Real Vi says: That is what my eyes see and exists right in my palace! Zhao continued nervously: The headphones are broken, seeing is real. La Real Vi said: That has no way for the Empress Dowager to consider real. Trieu Co said: Also in the cruel General Quoc, you brought up a story that made me lose my eyes and my heart ...!

Queen Trieu Co sobbed her desire to see the real thing soon and expressed her wish to be Lao Ai for herself. La Real Vi then plotted a plan for Lao Ai to pretend to be an eunuch and then give it to the Queen Dowager. Since then, Trieu Co accepts to relax La Real Vi so that he can focus on government affairs and then Trieu Co enjoys pleasure with Lao Ai.

The worldly tongue has misrepresented Zhao Co. However, in those who have strong sexual physiology, they are also healthy, alert, wise, intelligent and vice versa. Sexuality is also one of the powerful motivations for maintaining and bonding a happy couple. When women are withered, exhausted and sexually apathetic, no teacher or medicine will restore the status quo! I don't dare to dream of the unique sexual prowess that Zhao had.

From ancient times up to now, medicine has devoted a lot of effort and money to the restoration and enhancement of sexual sexual ability. Consider it the grace of the Creator to mankind. Then, hundreds of remedies have been researched, it is true that there is still no way to create the "assets" that God has given the couple Trieu Co - Lao Ai, but they also meet the basic part in real needs.

We want to borrow the impressive name of the couple Trieu Co - Lao Ai for the products of sexual sexual rehabilitation.

These are products: Bao Long Den (Lao Ai Hoan) and Product: Bao Long Hong (Trieu Co Hoan).

- Bao Long Den (Lao Ai Hoan) With the use of: tonic kidneys, sperm, increase endurance. Treatment of physiological impairment, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual desire and impotence.Bao Long Hong (Trieu Co Hoan) with the use of: nourishing kidney, regenerating, nourishing yin, restoring vitality and face for women. Treatment of endocrine disorders, impaired physiological function, apathy, dryness, loss of sexual pleasure.

The above products were researched by elite physician, Herbalist, Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai from esoteric ancient articles in the court and have "grounded" medicinal herbs, "climateized" the effects of drugs, at the same time standardize clinically to the optimal level. Now being treated at the Bao Long Duong Traditional Medicine Clinic.

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