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Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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We all understand that health is precious and with disease everyone is afraid, but having a right sense of protection and health care to prevent disease is not in the plural. Most of them have complained to the physician, to the medical office to solve the problem. In ordinary life, people attach great importance to material possessions, sometimes being naked because of it without considering the aftermath of health loss later. Some people often preserve their own sadness, anger, anxiety, resentment, like to complain, and recite their physical and mental hardships so that people can express their love. harm. It should have been eliminated and pushed it back in time. For friends, it should not be seen as an opportunity to express "Love and kindness" so that it can generate thoughts of exaggerating sadness and sickness to receive the concern and sharing of friends. . That is extremely harmful!

Oriental medicine identifies many diseases that arise from extreme willpower. Such as:

- Excessive sadness damages and causes lung disease.

- Jealousy and anger are too much damaging and pathogenic to the liver.

- Anxiety, damage and pathogenesis of the pancreas (spleen).

- Too much fear harms and causes kidney disease.

- Too happy to damage and pathogen the heart.

- Modern illnesses arise with two main reasons: intelligence (consciousness, spirit) and irrational eating and drinking.

The ancients have a saying: "Diseases come from the mouth, plague the stomach". Many people are bohemian, easily spend millions of dong on fun drinking to destroy health, to get sick. But when it comes to costs for health care and protection, it is deliberate and frugal. Money spent on health care is often in excess. The time spent with health care is usually only when it's leisure. There are many people who suddenly think of their vitality, it is too late!

Man is born as a perfect whole. In addition to developing, they also protect themselves when encountering pathogens. Each organ governing each body area, in addition to operating and developing properly, it also produces qualities to eliminate pathogens.

Such as the function of the kidneys, which regulates bone structure and functioning. When the core function of the kidneys is normal, people develop a balanced, solid bone and cartilage (human bones are four times stronger than reinforced concrete) .When there are pathogens causing osteoarthritis, the kidneys immediately secrete. send quality to the right area to treat and stabilize the affected area.

Knowing this miracle, scientists have done more miraculous work than have found the formula of the substance that the kidneys secreted to protect bones and joints. And amazingly, they have invented a drug that replaces the kidney's osteoarthritis-protective properties from functional impairment. At that time, the whole world rejoiced to think that "from now on, there is no fear of osteoarthritis". But it did not come true that a few years later the artificial drug became a concern for mankind.

"Medicine is really a double-edged sword, healing people and also destroying people". Because when patients with osteoarthritis, they give medicine to the pain. But the pathogen is always in the environment, layer after layer continues to invade the body and so the patient's life must be attached to the drug. Taking long-term pills will cause stomach ulcers, causing fluid accumulation, but even more harmful is the arbitrary replacement of kidney function for a long time, causing the kidneys to lose their core (no quality protect bones) that causes bones and joints to degenerate, decay and break easily. This has happened a lot in cases of arbitrary use of drugs (buying drugs for unskilled use).

- Traditional medicine's views on osteoarthritis:

The treatment method for osteoarthritis rheumatism of osteoarthritis is to always thoroughly understand the cause of the disease to treat it radically and always follow the laws of nature and weather. Oriental medicine believes that the bacteria that cause inflammation are due to the body's reduced resistance, and the environment of the inflamed area is consistent with the living conditions of the bacteria. The cure is to restore the core function of the kidneys, while making the germs "invisible" (with no hiding places) or in other words, helping the body to circulate blood, relax and feel good. heat so that it is no longer a suitable medium for bacteria.

Just like a clean, airy house, there are no insects.

- In daily life, eating and drinking must be in moderation, when using drugs must pay careful attention to the content and dosage.

We have a great master in his mid-eighties who is still strong, strong, and very lucid. It can be said that he is not inferior to generations of students!

Next meeting, wish you 90 years old. After a happy conversation, a friend asked:

- Sir ! At the age of 90, he is no different from youth! What secrets do you have to take care of your health and preserve your youth? Please teach us!

Upon hearing that, the dabbler thought and said:

- Bid he has no secret but pure teaching method! However, there is a habit of eating and drinking while still craving!

Teacher shares a simple way, but we think: That is the secret to protecting health! By doing this, the new digestive organs will always be "healthy and peaceful" by the purification body to avoid stagnation due to overload. Like the car, even though the manufacturer has a fixed load and high speed, when used to be durable, to be safe, it must be in moderation. If you always have the full weight and run at full speed, it will be ruined!

Ancient teachings teach: Being a gentleman must meet 5 criteria. In which the first criterion is about eating and drinking.

Specifically: "Food is not stormy (eat not satiety). Unsafe residential (stay without peace of mind). Impoverished (Poverty does not leave). Wealthy immorality (When rich, there is no depravity). Uy Vu incapable of hiding (Not because of fear of violent authority but against conscience).

The genius of the human scientist Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) When dying, he left his will in a very solemn envelope. After the funeral, the envelope was opened, in which neither a check nor a long instruction, but only four words: "Moderation, Amount". Those four words are treasure in life! (If you want to maintain and protect your health, "Moderate" is the principle of life: Eating in moderation, working in moderation, practicing moderately, playing with moderation ... If you want to treat safely and effectively, then Using the drug "Ham Luong" is the basis of success)

When the body shows abnormalities, attention should be paid to the consideration and early treatment. "A saint heals his illness before he becomes sick"

Once, Bien Thu came to Qi Quoc and worshiped Qi Hoan Hau. Seeing that King Qi was not in good mood, Bien Thuoc said: "In your skin and hairline, there is a root cause of illness, if you do not treat it early, it will get worse." Hoan Hau nonchalantly replied: "I see the body very well, there is no disease at all." Bian Que immediately left.

5 days later, Bien Thuoc came again, looking at King Te's face and said: "You have a disease in your blood, if you do not get treatment in time, it will become serious." Hoan Hau said unhappy and said: "I am not sick". Bian Que left again.

5 days later, Bien Thu again went to see Emperor Qi, this time affirmed: "Your illness has already reached your organs, you must be treated immediately", Hoan Hau did not answer. 5 days later, Bien Thuoc again entered the audience, just looked at King Te's face, and walked away.

A few days later, Hoan Hau naturally got sick, sent someone to find Bien Thuoc, but he was gone. Hoan Hau's illness became worse and worse, this king soon passed away

Bien Thu is indeed the god of medicine, just looking at can see all the illnesses of Qi Hoan Hau, but Hoan Hau does not believe Bien Thuoc. Since he still doesn't feel uncomfortable, how can he get sick?

King Qi last met Bien Thuoc and sent his followers to ask, Bien Thuoc said: "If you have a skin disease, you can still rub medicine, if you have a disease in your blood vessels you can take acupuncture, a disease in your stomach and alcohol can If it is cured, the disease in bone marrow cannot be saved anymore, I am powerless ”.

Why is the viewpoint of Qi Hoan Kiem and that of Bien Thu opposite? Because the patient has their senses, the physician has his own medicine. On the surface, King Qi saw "not sick", but the body had a disease, just not yet emitted. After that, Hoan Hau naturally became sick, his body was sick, this was "sick".

Developmental disease is a rule, a pre-existing disease outbreak, a disease-free stage, after which the disease is born, it is an already sick stage. The untreated stage is easy to treat, the sick stage will be difficult to cure.

In the book The Emperor of Internal Medicine also wrote, "The illness is done, then take medicine, then it is severe and then cured, it is like a new thirst to dig a well, a war arose to forge weapons, so it is not too late. so what?". So all we need to know very well the situation and careful prevention, please prepare in advance, the same curative ethics.

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