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Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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(Meaning of mechanism and method)


In the sense of the word: "Firehead" means that Fire runs away. "Enter ghost" means: Ma entered.

The issue needs to be clear: what is "Fire" in this category and what "Ma" is in this category!

According to the philosophy of Oriental Medicine. Humans have negative kidneys and kidneys, also known as kidney water and kidney fire ..

- Not two kidneys in which one is fire kidney and the other is water kidney, but both kidneys have the same function and function (so one can give away one). and the phrase "Kidney" is a reference to the function of the kidneys.

- Than Hoa with the following functional implications:

Body temperature stabilization function.

Our body temperature is normally stable with temperatures from 36 and a half to 37 and a half degrees. When we live in an environment where the temperature is higher or lower, our body temperature stays the same. (Although high temperature always translates to low temperature) This balance is achieved through the function of stabilizing body. heat of the kidney fire. For example: living in an environment where the temperature is up to 45 - 50 degrees, but when the thermometer is to check the temperature, our body temperature is still within the allowable limit of: About 37 degrees. If the kidneys fail to stabilize the body temperature, people who have the environment raise the temperature up to 38 degrees cause fever and increase more than 40 degrees causing hysteria and possibly death. When we live in an environment as cold as minus 10 degrees, our body temperature remains around 37 degrees. If the kidneys cannot stabilize their body temperature, the human will turn into an ice plant!

When the kidneys fire, they will be colder than usual (poor tolerance to cold). Parts that are far from the center are cold, such as cold feet, cold hands, cold uterus ,,,

The kidneys also have the function of providing energy for metabolism.

In the human body there are many plants that are constantly working. Including power plants, waste treatment plants, food processing factories ...

Each meal we put in the stomach dozens of foods. After 18 to 21 hours, all foods are processed, purely and scientifically transformed into micronutrients serving the body, and the residue turns into feces and sends it down to the end of the rectum for expulsion. To do the above process requires energy. The energy used to operate the food processing plant is, of course, not electricity, but heat. That heat is provided by the kidney fire. When the kidneys fail, they will not provide enough energy, leading to poor digestion, low digestive efficiency, often defecating and leading to colitis and body weakness.At the same time, it also produces many disorders. metabolism, endocrine disorders ...!

- Nephrology with the following functional implications:

The main function of the kidneys is to manage and regulate aqueous humor (the liquid forms in the body) such as: urine, saliva, sweat, semen, menstruation ... At the same time, it has the function of controlling the release. and release of fire (also known as kidney fire) When kidney water failure often causes dysfunction of the aqueous humor. At the same time, not being able to control the yang and making the fire rise (also known as hot flashes) cause dizziness and headache, possibly increasing blood pressure.

- Oriental medicine asserted: Yin and Yang (water fire) balance, people are happy healthy and almost sick. That the key to determining the balance of yin and yang is from the kidney water and kidney fire.

- "Fire" in this category is the kidney fire, also known as fire when

In Eastern medicine, it is often said that "evil gas" (the miasma that causes illness). When the miasma itself (poor resistance), the evil qi has a chance to penetrate the body and cause disease. When the "Fire Flame" means that the fire gas runs away (out of its position), the above mentioned will make the yin and yang imbalance, the body wobble and also the opportunity for the evil aura to infiltrate to cause disease . The evil spirit in martial arts terminology is called "Ma". So it can be realized that: "The fire is absorbed by the ghost" is the fire gas that dissipates (runs around) to allow excess evil gas to penetrate.

- The main cause of the evidence: "Imported fire pipe" is:

During the process of practicing and practicing qigong, often occurs changes in Qi, heat, and nerves in different degrees.

When I first practiced the exercises, more or less, I experienced the change in Qi. It is due to the improper operation of the air according to the meridians, the opposite of Nham's pulse, and also sometimes due to the disease. The human condition at this time is like faking illness, breathing is weak but fast, skin is dull, and the person is sleepy.

In the advanced training period with exercises such as True Heat, Soda Fire, etc., there is a variation in the Heat of Fire, causing heat. That is because the road operation is not smooth, blocked in the meridians, stuck in the acupuncture point, the internal exchange lanes on the discharge route are not clear.

Once there is a breakthrough in heat during exercise, it will create heat in the viscera, spine, nervous system. It causes heat accumulation in internal organs, burns cells at the nerve end ... very dangerous.

If the actual gas rises back up but is not ventilated, it will bring real heat, causing the following conditions:

- Active organs will experience heat inflammation.

- Blood on the head, causing high blood pressure.

- Strong mental stimulation, easy to stress.

- Stimulate vitality, causing Yang escape, especially the real sound of Yang holding.

If the Qinghai is blocked, it will make the organs less functional, especially the nerve center, causing the following conditions:

- Stimulates cells, causing tumors.

- Cells are broken down, causing gangrene.

Both cases lead to cancer.

When the central nervous system is damaged by heat, it will cause chaos and madness.

In reality, there are some of the following causes:

- Practice without an instructor.

- Although there is a teacher to guide, but do not master the weaknesses of qigong as well as the justice of the exercise.

- Exercises not adapted to the practitioner's level, health, illness or body.

- "Standing on this mountain to look mountain and another", now practice this technique, practice the other practice tomorrow, or have just started to practice the advanced part right away, or change the exercises voluntarily.

- "Put the plow in front of the buffalo", not yet able to accumulate air, was used to lead the gas to go wild.

- I don't know how to use the fire queen, practice too long, like cooking hot rice.

- When practicing the exercises, I suddenly became agitated, startled by panic, or appeared in my mind "ghost scene", making the spirit of chaos.


The ghost-import phenomenon is manifested through the following states:

1. Same as the initial state of brain stroke

- Severe headache, constriction of cerebral vessels, and gradual loss of brain function.

- Next to cerebral embolism, and then atherosclerosis. The loose atherosclerosis goes into the vessels that block the vessels, to the coronary arteries, and block the blood path.

- Causing complications of the Heart due to heat, leading to blood flow can break blood vessels. If it is Heat Control, it is easier to handle than Blood Control.

2. Causing great fluctuations to the Psychological and Physiological activities, making the mind crazy, the Air, The Frustration.

3. Loss of synchronization between Qing and Real of biological active parts, chakras and nerves.


Principle of dissolution

+ Handling the Gas-Blood.

- If it is an acute form, the brain must be dealt with first, followed by the heart and respiratory system, and the main organs in the body.

- If in a chronic form, the basic system should be opened, restored the meridians, viscera and ventilated.

1. Treatment of the acute form

The acute form is life-threatening, must be handled promptly without delay. Cause of acute fluctuations in the Blood, should be treated with medicine.

Consequences from the disorder of the advanced nervous system and cardiovascular system are manifested as terrible headache, twitching of the limbs, loss of energy, sometimes extremely hot body, sometimes extremely cold.

Treatment regimen is as follows:

- Thong Bach Assembly: By infusing food gas to lower Blood.

- Christmas Can: By dealing Can Qi to reduce pain.

- Take care of Tim

- Clear Heart, adjust the heart chakra to slow down. At this time, the heart chakra turns backwards, with a rapid frequency and turns back and forth (should be distinguished when the Heart Chakra is reversed and is in the chronic form).

- If the blood pressure is still high, it is necessary to strike Can.

- If the blood pressure is disturbed, she must sue.

- Seeing that there is a problem with the Heart, the kidney should be supplemented and kidney gas should be increased.

Note: Because of Can's Soul, Can Prosper can easily cause anger, creating an acute cause. Therefore, it is necessary to lower Can to lower Qi and diffuse Can to handle the shrinkage.

- Basic information

- Catheterization to reduce the real Qi Gong, that is to bring down the Blood pressure Blood pressure in the brain.

- Doc Circulation is to bring Yin to the Yang Dynasty.

- Thong Hoat in Bach Hoi street to Thien moved.

- To expel the life force of Ty Ngo to purify the fire for Bach Hoi and Tung gang.

2. Treatment of the chronic form

When the air inadvertent brings heat to the viscera through the meridians, heat inflammation reduces the function of the physiological process, it is called chronic.

Treatment regimen is as follows:

2.1. Handling Damaged

After processing the real part as in items 1 and 2, then proceed to handle the Real part as follows:

a. Using qigong micro surgery to process the Qing part (in the vía body) to restore the standardized program of the nervous system. Because of the delicate content of the qigong microsurgery with the nervous system.

b. Stimulates gas spread in the diseased area

- The radiation is white due to heat inflammation.

- Purple radiation, bruising due to heat inflammation.

- The radiation is dark due to gas condensation.

c. Ventilation Air through the diseased area

Using the Attorney General to directly attack the diseased area, push the Damaged gas out of the brain, through it down, and out. Then the gas circulates around the diseased area, then clears.

For example, paralysis of the right limbs, the left brain processing.

- Stimulate brain marrow, brain marrow practice for recovery.

- Stimulate in the cross (at 10 fingers) to impact on the nervous system, diffuse in the brain, restore the brain.

Note: It is necessary to ventilate regularly. The most important is the discharge of the Polytechnic and meridians.

3. Treat yourself

3.1. Real Fire Discharge

- If the intense field is hot, must strongly discharge down to 2 feet.

- Drain Food Fire according to the circuit of Nham down the Syllable, down 2 feet. In both cases above, if it feels good, you can release both hands. It is important to ventilate food well until the body temperature is cool I switched to Thanh Hoa. Absolutely do not let fire to the Bach Dang while the body temperature is still hot.

3.2. Clean discharge Thanh Hoa

Discharge the fire according to the direction of the Tý Ngo axis to Bach Hội, to discharge it upwards. Remember that you can only use the visualization of the Noble Phantasms, and not the breath kinetic energy. Continue with the purification process until there is a slight sensation in the middle of the brain.

3.3. Recorded Yang

Record the Sound through the Field strengthened to Me Mon, follow Doc circuit to Bach Hoi to process Fire, discharge excess Fire out.

3.4. Heavenly moved to descend the weapon

Borrowing potential energy down from above, pushed all remaining Vajras downward, released out.

Through the above processing steps, but the body temperature is still hot and steaming, then we use Yin Yang to rotate the Dharma, but mainly to use the Yin and Yang method of rotation. That is, record the Sound in your left hand and bring it into your body, then release the Sound from your right hand out.

4. Handling for others

Temporary processing step

+ Pronounced on Bach hoi, releasing 2 legs.

+ Clear the Nham Doc circuit.

It is necessary to broadcast along the Ty Ngo axis. From Bach hoihach Tung Truong strength to try Spirit, re-determined Tinh (by Tinh dry, Air disorder, Spirit praise).

+ Recalibrate the chakras from above, especially the Indian chakras. By releasing the Mien, which rotates slowly, evenly. Can be combined with rub to increase efficiency.

This handling job is not simple. For the qigong with high performance, it is recommended to base on actual effects in specific regions and locations to be handled accordingly.


Use one of the following qigong methods:

1. Public bohemian

2. Quan Qi France

3. Self-force

4. Only the dharma

5. Beat the French

6. The method of chemotherapy:

"Ghost entrance" is also a disease. It is possible to trace the roots to destroy or break each branch, each symptom must be treated and prepared.

It is essential to see a physician for treatment to be safe and effective.

The remedies commonly used to cure the "ghostly train":

- Six royalties

- The extra cinnamon bowl

- Heavenly King of mind

- Chaplain

- Post-sketch sale

- Army army

- Room room stairs

- Text ladder

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