Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam
Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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For children, the diagnosis of the disease is mainly by the method of observing the hand pointing on the Tiger Kham and Tam Quan. (The place where the depression between the thumb and index finger opens together, closes in like a Tiger's mouth should be called Tiger Mouth. The rib of the index finger toward the thumb, the division of each knuckle forms 3 the section called Tam quan). Burning the first finger bordered by the hand is called phong Quan (the door is sick with leprosy). Burning in the middle is the qi (the door that is sick with the gas). The third burning (fingertips) is mandarin, the door to disease can endanger destiny.

The hand line for showing the baby's pathology comes from the Tiger Emperor to Mandarin (Only in the period from birth to 3 years old can only indicate pathology and when the baby is sick, the hand indicates pathology. emerged in the Ho Kham and Tam Quan areas).

- Pointing the pathological hand on the right indicates pathology corresponding to the waste, spleen, parse, and the left hand corresponds to the mind, can, and kidney.

Epilepsy in children is caused by willpower or by a high fever disease that causes seizures.

- Four Sutras: A child has a dark green hand at the Tiger Gate, Three Guan is a child who is spent by Kinh because he is too scared to see the animal with 4 legs.

- Water, fire, non-holding scripture: Pointing in red color (children have a seizure because they are too scared to see water, fire or flying birds).

- Nhan Kinh: Pink hand (child has a seizure due to fear of strangers).

- Lightning: Pointing in a yellowish green color (a child has a Sai period because he is too scared to hear thunder).

- Menstruation: Pointing the hand is purple, blue or black, mixed to hide (when the child comes to the experience, it is because of the chronic Tỳ phong).

- Pointing the hand straight like a rope that is pink or blue, is a sutra due to the loving mother that the baby is sick (affected by the cherished and suckling).

- Only the hand that floats from the Tiger's mouth quickly to Phong Quan is a mild illness.

- Pointing up to Qigong is already serious disease.

- Pointing the hand from Feng Guan to the qi to Quan Quan is very sick. If you point your finger up to the nail plate, it's time to be critical. Pointing at the Tigerkou area, he also showed many diseases, for example:

- It looks like a big, round pearl is a stomach ache, hot and cold bouts of heat.

- It looks like a snake crawling, a child is vomiting, diarrhea.

- The baby's body is zigzag and fractured.

- It looks like a child is suffering from panic panic, red hot pee ...


In babies from birth to 18 months there are symptom-like changes that are sick but not sick. These events have cycles of 32 days and 64 days. Specifically: 32 days is 1 turn, 64 days is 1 distillation. Must go through 16 times to turn 8 times the baby is 512 days, ie 17 months.

- From birth to 32 days "Nhat variable" born Quy Thuy perfect Túc lack of kidney sound, the owner of spermatogenesis.

- Up to 64 days, "Nhi variable, the best", was born Nham Thuy in the Tuc temple of the Bladder. The phenomenon of cold ears and buttocks.

- Until 96 days, "The Three Mutants of Dinh Hoa" belonged to Thu who lacked the spirit of the spirit, and was happy.

- Up to 128 days, "Four variables, two distillations" gave birth to fire in the primary school, the phenomenon of sweating and a little fear.

- Up to 160 days, "Five variables" born, Att Moc will know the spirit of the owner, expressing or laughing.

- Up to 192 days, "Luc van, Tam chung" was born bordered by Moc belonging to Túc and dummy, the phenomenon of red eyes without being closed.

- Up to 224 days, "The Disappearance" was born Tan Kim belonging to Thu Thai Dam. The sound of the voice is produced by the junk.

- Up to 256 days "Bat variable, death" born Canh Kim under Thu Duong minh university, the phenomenon of hot skin can sweat.

- Up to 288 days "Cuu Transform" was born in Ky Tho, belonged to Túc Thái, Tị Tàng Y.

- Up to 320 days "cross, five distillation" born Mau Tho belongs to Tuc Duong Minh, the phenomenon of abdominal pain, refusing to eat and or spit milk. Enough 320 days, ie 10 months 20 days, Enough of all the variables, with 3 more distillations.

- Up to 384 days, "Luc chung" is enough 12 meridians, so the hand knows to hold things firmly, new legs can stand and practice walking.

- Up to 448 days, "That Chung" has a different consciousness and has a clearer pronunciation.

Up to 512 days is enough "bowl of distillation".

In the vanishing calendar, there is no mention of Tam Cell and Tam Tieu, because these 2 sutras have no separate form, so there is no Venerable and no Chung. During the transformation, each change or turn, is each change of blood and flesh to grow up and become more intelligent.

Every time he turns away, every child who has the gift of a natural gift is only a little hot, and the child who shows an immoral fairy gets hot, vomiting, diarrhea, and crying. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light, so calmly nurturing is okay. When you see that the baby's lips are swollen white and white and have a silkworm-like appearance, the baby's body is distorted, so they should not rush to take medicine. If the medicine has a big mistake, it will cause big illness, if you want to give medicine, you should only give it to take a peaceful medicine or use a product "Bao Nhiem".

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"Bao Nhi revealed" By the elite physician, physician Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai inherited and developed from the ancient remedies which have the effect of nourishing and helping Good children eat fast and eat "Cam Cam" while helping the period of safe transformation (does not turn into disease).

Traditional medicine says: "The ten years of the year of death have false orange disease". Meaning: Under the age of 15 the disease is caused by "Orange". Orange pepper is used to cure most of the common diseases in children (such as poor appetite, difficulty sleeping, irritability, digestive disorders, stools, cough, runny nose, atrophy of the stomach, slow growth, slow learning go…)

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