Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam
Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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During the Tang dynasty, there was a young man named La Hong, the only son of a current Dai Dynasty official. At the age of 16, La Hong, weak and shy, refused to marry and did not love anyone.

At the age of twenty-one, La Hong was forced by her mother three times, but she divorced. Frustratedly, he came to a fairy god and was told:

- La Hong has to marry a monk who has broken the precepts!

Across the river, there was a young woman named Tu Ngan, a beautiful girl with a gentle personality but cold to life and followed the monk up the mountain to practice. When she was nineteen, her parents found a way to bring her home. Tu Ngan's father is also a representative who has a friendly relationship with La Ong. By reason of number two, the family had a common voice and forced her to marry.

La Hong and Tu Ngan live together because of their compatibility, harmony, not love. Thanks to a gentle meeting, "Heavenly blessings come down", Master Thai Phuong, a famous curator of the Court visited. Through diagnosis, he discovered the cause and prescribed medicine for both couples to drink. After nearly a month, it was not uncommon for the couple to come out of the room. They also posted two words "Prohibit the room" outside the door. Inside they fell in love all night and all day, forgetting to eat and drink. Every meal, food and drink must be brought into the room through a dark hole. Tu Ngan only leaves the room twice a week at the beginning of Ty, because at that time, the flowers are radiant to match her face and her glittering, dazed eyes ...!

La Hong becomes strong and agile. On good days, he went into the forest to hunt and chase animals without a horse. After hours of harmony with nature, they "locked the door, banned the room".

Everything has changed for good, there is a chance for Master Thai Phuong to visit. The two teachers and teacher Thai Phuong rode the horse through the door but the couple in the room still did not know. Looking at the door of the room, La Ong asked Mr. Thai Phuong:

- What kind of medicine did you give to the children?

Master Thai Phuong smiled happily, humbly answered:

- The drug "Forbidden room!"

The remedy "Forbidden to prevent" has been researched, inherited and directly directed by the excellent physician, physician, and doctor Nguyen Huu Khai in the preparation and circulation technique at Bao Long Duong Traditional Medicine Clinic. With the use of: tonic kidney function, enhance vitality, cure back pain, knee fatigue, impotence and loss of sexual sensation of both men and women.

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