Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam
Y Dược Bảo Long - Ngọc Y Đường - Top 10 thương hiệu hàng đầu Việt Nam


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The main part of the respiratory system is the lungs. Lungs are an evolutionary masterpiece, designed for maximum efficiency, they fill 90% of the thoracic volume, millions of interlocking alveoli make the lungs light and spongy. If the alveolar wall is flattened, it will be 50 times larger than the area of ​​the skin. Equivalent to the area of ​​a tennis court, yet the entire lung weighs only about 1.14kg. In the lungs there are blood vessels running through the task of absorbing oxygen, 12 times in a minute, 24 hours a day, it takes oxygen from the air and transfers to 60 trillion cells, it does not need to expand, self-cleaning. and self-healing, very reliable. The human body uses oxygen for heat and energy, and the lungs take oxygen from the air and transfer it into the bloodstream.

Instinctively a child is born, they start the engine of the body, it will continue to breathe 4 hundred million times during its lifetime, all based on a simple mechanism. When we inhale the air, large muscles pull up the chest, a dome-shaped muscle below the lungs - The diaphragm will sag, both activities expand the lungs. When we exhale, we just need to relax the muscles and the air will automatically be pushed out of the lungs. The delicate structure inside the lungs is very vulnerable, each inhalation is a potential risk, just 1 day in the city, you can breathe in 1 trillion tiny dust particles. Walking in the same contaminated city smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. However, the respiratory apparatus has protective organs, the hairs in the nose that trap large pollen and dust particles. Upwards, the inner surface of the nose is covered with a moist film, special glands secrete mucus to form a dust-sticky trap, a tiny hairy surface that pushes the mucus down the throat. In cold weather, the hairs become less flexible and the amount of mucus secreted too much causes a runny nose. The alveoli cleaned by inhaling the full air and then releasing it, each about 4.7 liters of gas, normal breathing operation only uses 0.47 liters of gas. We put about 0.47 liters of air in and out with each inhalation, 15 times per minute. In a person's lifetime, on average, over 3 million nine hundred thousand cubic meters of gas pass through the lungs.

The labyrinth of the airways ends in the vasculature. They are connected to air sacs called alveoli. Each person has 700 million alveoli, which mark the end of the airway. The cross-sectional diameter of the alveoli is 0.254 mm and its wall is only a few percent thick, its wall is so thin that oxygen can pass through the alveoli into the surrounding blood vessels. The oxygen in the lung sac seeps into the surrounding blood, when the blood cells absorb oxygen molecules, the blood emits healthy light rays. But oxygen is not easily transported with blood cells, it needs the help of a chemical in cells called blood cells, which has 280 million hemoglobin molecules encapsulated in special cells. Without blood cells, blood cannot carry enough oxygen to sustain our lives at rest, let alone vigorous exercise. Each person has 30 trillion microscopic cells that are bound to the blood cells, if put together they would be half the distance from the earth to the moon.

                                                                                               Bao Long Only Concept Lo

The philosophy of Oriental Medicine says: "Actual accumulation generates heat, and heat conducts the same thing" (that is, when it accumulates, it is hot and when it is hot, germs are produced). When the lungs are hot, it creates an environment for germs to adapt, enter, multiply and cause disease. If the lungs are not hot, then like a "market", the germs through the lungs enter the lungs and then come out again, if not, it will die in it and then the secretions from the lungs gather into phlegm to spit out. So want to prevent and treat lung disease is to supplement the lungs and cool the lungs, for the "environment" in the lungs that does not adapt to the living conditions of the bacteria. Just like the clean and airy room, moths and mosquitoes cannot live, but must destroy them (no need to brush and spray).

We have studied and successfully researched a very reliable product for the care, protection and rehabilitation of respiratory function. It is the product "Bao Long reveals" to help strengthen the lungs to increase resistance, cool the lungs to not adapt to pathogenic bacteria, and at the same time regulate to reduce until the cough and burning symptoms are gone. throat and hoarseness. "Bao Long just concept" can be used for both babies and suitable for all ages.

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