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Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai: Branding from personality

Viết bởi Quản trị, Ngày 2021-01-17 13:54:46

At the National Workshop on branding from brands - The benefits of brands to the development and enhancing competitiveness through brand strategy by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) co-organized. Excellent physician, TS. Nguyen Huu Khai - General Director of Bao Long Medical and Pharmaceutical Group is one of the two typical speakers representing the Vietnamese business sector to present his views and experiences with the topic of creating and maintaining a brand. effective and sustainable. In his lecture, TS. Nguyen Huu Khai presented the point of view on the brand and the branding process of Bao Long Medical Group, also known as "Bao Long Duong".

Unlike other entrepreneurs, TS. Nguyen Huu Khai said that a brand that wants to be successful must be built from personality and not only be strong financially, but also must be a brand rich in humanity, but the original is from people. The branding criterion of "Bao Long Duong" is determined from the head, the career master to close associates and then the collective of officers and employees. When people with a healthy life personality have a good impression and are loved by the public, when making a product, it is easy to accept and trust the public and when the reputations and goods are appreciated. With outstanding mind, people learn to make it, if those who make it have feelings, love in the public, then the good impression and the reputation of those goods are multiplied and lasting. Therefore, the leader needs to build a standard personality with direction, criteria and specific standards. As the person who gave birth and built "Bao Long Duong" from the most difficult and difficult days, PhD. Nguyen Huu Khai always tries to cultivate himself and at the same time manages the students and employees living and working ethically. Since then, I have built a brand name that is my career and named "Bao Long Oriental medicine" or "Bao Long Duong".

TS. Nguyen Huu Khai presented his perspective on the brand from his experience

Bao Long Medical and Pharmaceutical Group.

He said that: Morality is really practical, useful and indispensable in all successes. Because the head of the business will have a strong spillover effect on all employees. When the will, ideals and personality of the leader become the target of the majority of employees, it will create a unique culture with the identity of the company and that is also the brand. brand. For him, in addition to the love of the job. Sticking to life and death with a medical career and also has an added advantage that being a martial artist's son should have more willpower, energy and stamina than usual.

One of the most important elements of branding is communication and promotion. "Bao Long Duong" propagates and advertises for its brand in a way that deeply and impresses the public by organizing scientific conferences with the theme "Health care and protection". in most provinces and cities.

That is why, during the past 20 years, "Bao Long Duong" is not only a typical unit in the field of manufacturing traditional oriental medicine and medical examination and treatment according to high efficiency traditional medicine methods, but also always leading in the field of cultural, educational, medical, sports activities and contributions to the community and society. Each year, Bao Long Medical and Pharmaceutical Group organizes for its employees and students to donate humanitarian blood and issues more than 40,000 priority cards for free medical examination and free medicine for patients under preferential policies. first; Every year, organizing to bring doctors and nurses to free medical examination and treatment for thousands of ethnic minority people in remote areas such as Sin Ho - Lai Chau; Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Simacai - Lao Cai. In addition, the Group is also pregnant, helping many unhappy lives and curing their dangerous diseases. That is a very unique feature that makes the brand "Bao Long Duong" bold human nature.

Presentation of TS. Nguyen Huu Khai received enthusiastic support and encouragement from all delegates at the conference and made a strange, very good impression in the eyes of international experts. They said that the branding point of view of "Bao Long Duong" is imbued with national cultural identity and East Asian character.

With 20 years of development and branding, "Bao Long Duong" has received many good impressions from consumers, always voted as the top brand, brand for the community. The practical experience and success of "Bao Long Duong" in building a successful brand has also become a typical image that contributes significantly to the system of Vietnamese businesses.

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